‘Donald Trump Doesn’t Care About Black People’ CNN Panel Absolutely Melts Down

A panel discussion on CNN revolving around President Donald Trump and his comments made at an event for Black History Month devolved into a shoutfest where panelists took turns berating each other, all while host Don Lemon tried his best to keep order.

The lengthy segment, which featured CNN political commentator Symone Sanders, Trump supporter Paris Dennard and author Michael Eric Dyson, really began going downhill when it was suggested that Trump nor White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer knew much about Frederick Douglass.

Dennard and Sanders began going back and forth over whether Trump knew about black history or even if Douglass were still alive. This somehow turned into an argument about turning down an invitation to “have a seat at the table” with Trump, with Sanders saying she would decline to ever go to a Trump White House.

Dennard chastised Sanders, telling her “that’s your problem” and invoking Congressman John Lewis for saying he’d refuse to invite Trump to Selma. Sanders countered by yelling that she she doesn’t need to go anywhere and “I don’t need Donald Trump to give me anything.”

She added, “I’m gonna take a page out of Kanye West’s book — Donald Trump doesn’t care about black people.”

“It’s unfortunate for you and the listeners to hear that about the President of the United States,” Dennard responded.